Mapping the Diaspora

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Wood Carvings

African artists impart value to a carved object through abstract representation. Instead of creating an idea that’s realistic or true to life, their work has a more transcendent quality. Artists seldom represent actual people, real animals, or the realistic form of invisible spirits. Instead, they aim to represent ideas about reality, spirituality or humanity, and present these ideas in animal or human form.

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African Musical Instructments

We have a variety of musical instruments from across the region of West Africa. The African culture is expressed through these instruments such as the Djembe, Kpalogo, Talking Drum, Kalimba, Kora, Balafon, and a variety of other instructments. You will enjoy the rhythms with every beat or shake.

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Home Goods

The African Diaspora comes to your fingertips with the sights, artistry, and tapestry to accentuate your home, business, or office. We have straw baskets, hats, fabric, dolls, artwork and accessories.  

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We have an array of authentic African apparel and  Africa inspired garments for women, men, and children in several different sizes, colors, textures, and designs.  Empower your wardrobe with  these colorful, bold, and ethic pants, top, skirts, dresses, suits, Grand BouBou, Dashiki, and shoes.

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African Fabric 

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African Art

We have a wide selection of African art.  Imagine your home or office with an array of fine African statues, mask, paintings, and wall hangings.

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The Diaspora Marketplace

Specializing in imports from the African Diaspora. Africans were displaced, during the slave trade to North and South America and throughout the Caribbean , forming the African Diaspora. Experience the rich, beautiful, cultural heritage of Africa and the Diaspora.

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A beautiful little piece of the African diaspora right in Savannah. Loved the authentic pieces of art and crafts from the Continent. But even more than that, we loved the energy and care from Mr. Richard, one of the owners. We will be visiting this shop EVERY time we are in Savannah!

Bobby Jackson, June 2023

Lovely store/gallery! Art, drums, clothing and rare books can be found here. Mr. Richard, the owner is a kind and friendly gentleman very knowledgeable too

Julie Brannen, 2021

I love this location! The Owner is always pleasant and very knowledgeable about African Art as well as the books that he sells. I recommend this great little GEM in Savannah!!

Donna Davis-Curry, January 2023